Thursday, May 9, 2013

HRPT Here We Come!

Only 23 days!

When Jim first presented the idea of going on the Hot Rod Power Tour, he pointed out that, since it was starting in Arlington, we would have an opportunity that would not easily happen again.  The Hot Rod Power Tour begins in the town where it stopped the previous year.  The 2012 tour was from Detroit to Arlington, TX.  This year, it's from Arlington to Charlotte, NC.  We are planning on drive four days from Arlington to Texarkana to Little Rock to Memphis.  If you are a "long-hauler", you continue on through Birmingham, Chattanooga, and, finally, Charlotte, NC.  The 14 year old daughter is anxious to ditch the parents and stay with friends back in Norman, but we aren't anxious to leave her for over a whole week required for the long haul so it's a short haul for us.

Jim's been reading up in the Hot Rod magazine. I've been reading online. Hotel reservations are made. We're staying in the main venue hotels so should be close to the center of the action. There are suggestions to bring extra of everything, fan belts, tool kit, extra thermostat.  We just paid for the tow package on the Buick's insurance.  I should put that number in my phone right now.  Jim pointed out that the car has only been put together for 3 years so we should be good.

I am not the gearhead in the family, obviously.  Jim is happy to take care of the two convertibles by himself.  Usually, he fills the cars with gas, cleans them, and does much of the mechanical work.  I, on the other hand, have a learning disability with maintaining cars.  Jim reminds me what repairs he has completed and I can't remember if the head gasket was replaced in 2006 or a transmission in 2011.  While I'm not a gearhead, I am a good passenger and, since I've had my little laptop, I've learned that I can type and enjoy the scenery at the same time. I'll be typing as we fly down the road, or crawl along in a traffic jam. We've heard there were 1600 cars in last years HRPT.  That will make for some slow exits out of parking lots.

Jim was initially expecting some objections from me about the trip.  He was startled by now quickly I showed interest in the HRPT.  He should have realized that, while I'm not a gearhead, planning adventure is right up my alley and this is adventure.  Say "road trip" and hold the car door open.  I totally enjoy being with my husband and seeing people react to the Buick.  I joined the HRPT forum.  I have decided on wardrobe (just T-shirts, shorts and hats).  We even have Hoffman T-shirts. We need business cards for the new friends we meet.  I've already designed them.  Should they be referred to as calling cards?  Jim bought a car cover, which means that huge trunk is a quarter full.  We've already had a dry-run for luggage in the remaining space in the trunk.  I'm even planning on making a custom trail mix - red and black M&Ms and unsalted cashews.  Jim wants to carry no food in the car, but he'll agree to the trail mix.  I'm planning on sneaking some bottles of water in the trunk.

Another decision made, not by me, was going without air conditioning.  We have all of the parts; they are just not in the car. We'll see how that plays out.  I am determined that my hair will be up, my hat on, and my lips sealed!  After all, what's an adventure without a little bit of adventure!  Only 23 days!

I'm going to blog about our trip. My information will be "I saw a pretty red car today," but hopefully I can diary some of Jim's serious comments for the real gearheads.  Only 23 more days!


  1. You will have a ball, I'm only going for the first 2 days this time but Long Hauled in 2005, 07, 08 and 09. Give me a shout before ya head out

  2. Carol this is Dave of the are more of a gearhead than you think.....
    You guys have a blast
    Trail,is is not really food so it qualifies......just like a newspaper or luggage

  3. G Cee, I would give you a shout out, but I don't know who you arel

    1. Sorry about that I thought my profile linked to the cRc member list, shoot me an email to: and I'll give you my cell number.
      I'm in Ft. Worth now.